HYROX Flex Pass North America

Season 03: Sept. 2020 - Apr. 2021

$114 - $190
HYROX Flex Pass North America
Event Description

+++NEW+++ Don’t want to miss out on Early Bird pricing? Purchase the new Flex Pass and you can sign up for any North American Season 2020/2021 HYROX event anytime!

How do I use my benefits?

Once you purchase your Flex Pass you will be provided with a unique code.  After you have chosen the North American HYROX event you wish to attend, use your unique code to complete the event registration and avoid making any additional payments.

What are the benefits to a Flex Pass?

Purchase a Flex Pass and avoid missing out on Early Bird prices!

When will my Flex Pass expire?

Flex Passes expire at the event of Season 2020/2021, April 2021.

Can I use my Flex Pass for any division?

No, you need to decide on Single or Doubles Division Flex Pass when purchasing your pass, it will only be valid for the division selected. 

Are there different price levels for the Flex Pass?

Yes, the current Flex Pass price is our Early Bird price level. 

Purchase a Flex Pass & register for any North American event!
Season 03: Sept. 2020 - Apr. 2021
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